Minecraft is a popular game among children, and many will wish to advance from the single-player version to Minecraft servers where they may interact with other people.

While the Minecraft game is extremely kid-friendly when parental settings are enabled, some parents may be concerned about their children connecting to minecraft survival servers. After all, other members of the public will also be participating in the game.

Players may meet online and even speak with one another on a public Minecraft server. Many parents may have concerns about this, given it is a public server that anybody can join.

Are Minecraft servers safe for your child based on this? Here's what the FunTech team has to say about it.

Find the best Minecraft servers for kids.

With thousands of Minecraft servers to choose from, it's critical to select and connect to sites that you believe would benefit your child while still being secure. A fast Google search will turn up a slew of lists of Minecraft servers that claim to be kid-friendly. Here are some things to think about while deciding which to connect to.

  • Policies that are child-friendly: the first thing you should check for on a Minecraft server is their policies. Harmful language, aggressive gaming, and rude behavior should all be prohibited on kid-friendly servers. Stay away if the server doesn't have a policy.
  • Violations and sanctions: Another factor to examine is the consequences of a violation. Find a Minecraft server with an admin that is devoted to keeping an eye on the community and will not accept any abusive behavior that might harm a player.

Minecraft Server

Choose from a list of whitelisted Minecraft servers.

There are certain Minecraft servers that only allow people who have been approved to join. Whitelisted servers are those that require parents to fill out a form with their child's details.

Before your kid is permitted to join the server, the application will be screened by an administrator. This is especially beneficial if you are concerned about the players with whom your kid may engage.

Make contact with your child.

Always make it a point to question your youngster about the game and what they did that day after each gaming session.

Communication is crucial at all times, and your child should always feel comfortable confiding in you about events on the server.

Also, make sure your child understands that sharing personal information such as their complete name, address, or school they attend is never a good idea. If something similar occurs on the server, make a point of notifying the server administrator so that necessary action may be taken.

While there are no assurances, connecting to one of the kid-friendly Minecraft servers listed below will keep your youngster much safer.

Some others advocated for kid-friendly options.

1. Blocklandia Server Type: Whitelisted: The server was initially launched in December 2012 and has since risen in popularity. It provides novice gamers with guided gameplay and welcomes young players (even below 6 years old).

Blocklandia is ideal for kids who like role-playing with their peers. It also provides jobs or activities for users to complete in order to earn in-game money.

2. Famcraft Server Type: Public Although the server is available to anyone, the server's community regulations are tightly enforced, and punishments for offenders range from simple kicks to muting or even a permanent ban.

Famcraft is an economy-based server that educates children about working concepts and earning in-game currency.

3. Minesquish Server Type: Whitelisted On the Minesquish server, your children can explore a variety of worlds. The server's principal world is Osiris. Crafting stations, beds, and alchemy stands can all be found. Exploration, a world without borders, is also offered.

The planet allows limitless resource collection and survival, with the world resetting every two months. A Freebuild map, which is a flat global map that lets users to build anything they wish, is also available.

4. The Sandlot Server Type: Whitelisted The Sandlot has been in operation since 2011 and is owned by a former schoolteacher. Given that the server is run by a teacher, it has a solid set of rules and filters in place to prevent any potentially dangerous behavior.

The PvP game world based on the blockbuster film The Hunger Games is the game mode that makes this server popular.

5. CrazyPig Server Type: Public Crazy pig is preoccupied with the realm of survival mode. It's a tiny Minecraft server with a great community for families. It assigns players rankings based on their belts.

As you spend more time on the server, your rank will rise, granting you access to other worlds as well as new houses that you may set up and decorate anyway you like.


When it comes to the game itself, Minecraft is suitable for children. Yes, there are zombies in the game, but they are nothing like what a genuine zombie would be.

It would be stupid to claim that there are no hazards when your youngster wants to access Minecraft servers, as there are in any online setting.

The odds of your child being at risk are substantially decreased if you use whitelisted Minecraft servers that are kid-friendly.

We put online safety first at FunTech, with DBS-checked Minecraft teachers and Ofsted-registered courses, we provide a safe and secure learning environment.